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Hi 👋

My name is Valeri Chernov, and I’m a tech entrepreneur

My projects help gamers to save millions of dollars, educate thousands of school students, and bring joy and competitiveness to business applications

Games price trackers

Truly unique console games price trackers loved by millions of users.

And they are simple - you subscribe to the particular game you are interested in, and the apps send a notification as soon as it is on sale. Profit! You just saved a couple of bucks!

PS Deals

XB Deals

NT Deals

Meet my team – professionals who will bring to life any tech idea you’ve ever had.

I founded BiG GAME in 2015. Simply enough, it became one of the best companies you can find to build and gamify your CRM, online shop, education project, or even a global award. All build around the best clients and talented devs.

Check out more at BiG GAME website

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